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Marquette Fiction Family Trees

"Genealogy was her favorite insanity." - Anthony Trollope

Each volume of the Marquette Trilogy covers roughly fifty years of Marquette’s history from 1849-1999. Consequently, the characters have intricate family trees. Below are the complete family trees for the principal characters in The Marquette Trilogy as well as the related novels Narrow Lives, The Only Thing That Lasts, and Spirit of the North.

Each chart numbers each family member by generation. For example, the Brookfield and Whitman Family Chart begins with Lucius Brookfield as the patriarch of the family, so he is listed as 1, each of his children is listed as a 2, each of his grandchildren as a 3, etc. Due to marriages between families, characters who appear in more than one family tree have in parentheses the other family tree to which they belong.


If you haven't yet read all the books, these charts may give away some of the plots.


Henning | Brookfield and Whitman | Bergmann, Montoni, and McCarey
Dufresne, Varin, and Vandelaare | Dalrymple | Whichgood and Blackmore | O'Neill
Traugott, Stonegate, and Shelley | Mitchell and Hopewell/Toivonen

The Henning Family

1 Gerald Henning

    m. 1st wife Clara Wilson

        2 Agnes Henning

            m. Jacob Whitman

                3 See Brookfield and Whitman chart

    m. 2nd wife Sophia Brookfield

        2 Madeleine Henning

            m. Lazarus Carew

                3 Sophia Carew

                    m Unknown

                        4 Unknown

                            m Unknown

                                5 Unknown

                                    m Unknown

                                        6 Unknown

                                            m Mr. Dawson

                                                7 Wendy Dawson

                                                    m John Vandelaare (see Whitman Chart below)


The Brookfield and Whitman Families

1 Lucius Brookfield

    m. 1st wife Rebecca (all children by Rebecca)

    m. 2nd wife Suzanne Varin (no children)

        2 Darius Brookfield

            m. wife

                3 Captain Esau Brookfield

                    m. Edna Whitman (his first cousin, see below)

                        4 Harold Brookfield

                        4 Philip Brookfield

                        4 Thomas Brookfield

                        4 Celia Brookfield

        2 Omelia Brookfield

            m. Ebenezer Franklin

                3 daughter Franklin

                3 Israel Franklin

        2 Sophia Brookfield

            m. 1st George Rockford

                3 Caleb Rockford

            m. 2nd Gerald Henning

                3 Madeleine Henning (see Henning chart above)

                    m. Lazarus Carew

        2 Cordelia Brookfield

            m. Nathaniel Whitman

                3 Jacob Whitman

                    m. Agnes Henning

                        4 Mary Whitman

                            m. Reuben Feake

                                5 Virgil Feake

                        4 Sylvia Whitman

                            m. Harry Cumming

                                5 Harry Cumming Jr.

                                    m. Jean

                                        6 Barry Cumming

                                        6 boy Cumming

                                5 Douglas Cumming

                                    m. Catholic girl from Escanaba

                                5 Serena Cumming

                        4 William "Will" Whitman

                                m. Margaret Dalrymple

                                    5 Henry Whitman

                                        m. Beth McCarey

                                            6 James "Jimmy" Whitman

                                            6 Ellen Whitman

                                                m. Tom Vandelaare (see Vandelaare family below)

                                                    7 John Vandelaare

                                                        m. Wendy Dawson (see Henning family above)

                                                    7 Chad Vandelaare

                                    5 Royal "Roy" Whitman

                                    5 Eleanor Whitman

                                        m. Ronald Goldman

                                            6 Lucy Goldman

                                            6 Maud Goldman

                                    5 Ada Whitman

                                        m. Louis Lowell

                                            6 Judy Lowell

                                            6 Bradley Lowell

                                    5 William "Bill" Whitman II

                                        m. Fredrica (divorced)

                                        m. Annette (divorced)

                                            6 William Whitman III

                                            6 Jason Whitman

                                            6 Alan Whitman

                                                not married Sheila

                                                    7 Gilbert Whitman

                        4 Clarence Whitman

                3 Edna Whitman

                    m. Captain Esau Brookfield (her first cousin)

                        4 see Brookfields above


The Bergmann, Montoni, and McCarey Families

1 Molly

    m. 1st Fritz Bergmann (all children by Fritz)

    m. 2nd Joseph Montoni (no children)

        2 Karl Bergmann

            m. Aino Nordmaki

                3 Thelma Bergmann

                    adopts Jessie Hopewell, sister of Lyla Hopewell

        2 Katherine "Kathy" Bergmann

            m. Patrick (O'Connor) McCarey

                3 Frank McCarey

                3 Jeremy McCarey

                    m. Caroline

                        4 Emily McCarey

                        4 Frank Jeremy McCarey

                3 Baby Girl McCarey

                3 Baby Girl McCarey

                3 Michael McCarey

                3 Beth McCarey

                    m. Henry Whitman

                        4 (see Whitman family above)


The Dufresne, Varin, and Vandelaare Families

1 Mr. Dufresne

    m. wife

        2 Suzanne Dufresne

            m. 1st Pierre Varin

                3 Hortense Varin

                3 Gervase Varin

                    m. Unknown

                        4 Euclid Varin

                            m. Henrietta Perreau

                                5 Marie Varin

                                    m. Daam Vandelaare

                                        6 Katrinka Vandelaare

                                        6 Wilhelmina Vandelaare

                                        6 Rodger Vandelaare

                                            m. Unknown

                                                7 Julie Vandelaare

                                        6 Thomas Vandelaare

                                            m. Ellen Whitman (See Whitman Family above)

                                                7 John Vandelaare

                                                    m. Wendy Dawson (see Henning Family above)

                                                        8 Neill Vandelaare

                                                        8 Madeleine Vandelaare

                                                7 Chad Vandelaare

                3 Francois Varin

                3 Phelonise Varin

                3 Etienne Varin

            m. 2nd Lucius Brookfield (no children)

            m. 3rd Frederick Rothstein

                3 Lucius Rothstein

                3 Frederick Rothstein Jr.

        2 Amedee Dufresne


The Dalrymple Family

1 Arthur Dalrymple

    m. Gwendolyn Dalrymple

         2 eleven children not in novels

         2 Charles Dalrymple

            m. Christina Zurbrugg

                3 Margaret Dalrymple

                    m. Will Whitman

                        4 see Whitman chart above

                3 Sarah Dalrymple

                    not married Lysander Blackmore

                        4 Theodore "Theo" Rodman

                            m. Melinda

                                5 David Rodman

                                5 Rosalie Rodman

                                    m. Senator Joseph Rodman (no children but he adopts Theo)

                3 Charles Dalrymple Jr.

                    m. Harriet Bryon

                        4 Joseph Dalrymple

                            m. Bea

                                5 Timothy Dalrymple

                                5 Randall "Randy" Dalrymple

                                    m. Tina (divorced)

                                        6 Susie Dalrymple

                                    m. 2nd Unknown

                                        6 Harriet May Dalrymple

                                            m. Unknown (not married)

                                                7 Josie Dalrymple


The Whichgood and Blackmore Family

1 Rev. Mordecai Whichgood

    m. unknown

        2 Cecilia Whichgood

            (not married) Richard Blackmore (Married to Judith)

                3 Lysander "Ly" Blackmore

                    not married Sarah Dalrymple

                        4 Theo Rodman (see Dalrymple chart)

                            m. Lydia Richardson

                        4 Nigel Blackmore

                        4 Matilda Blackmore

                    not married Hattie Scofield

                        4 Scofield Blackmore

                            m. Carol Ann Kopel

                                5 Celeste Blackmore

            m. Donald Haslett

                3 John Haslett

                    m. Unknown

                        4. Danielle Haslett

                            m. Gary Marshall

                                5. Gary Marshall Jr.


The O'Neill Family

1 Seamus O'Neill

    m. Bridget

        2 James O'Neill

            m. wife unknown

                3 Jefferson Davis O'Neill

                    m. wife unknown

                        4 John O'Neill

                            m. Cynthia O'Neill (his second cousin, see below)

                                5 Robert O'Neill II

                                    m. Eliza Graham (widow of Mark Hampton below)

                                    6 Bernard "Bernie" O'Neill

                                    6 Helen O'Neill

        2 Edmund O'Neill

            m. Dolly

                3 Robert O'Neill I

                    m. Kathleen "Katy" McHaney (children by first husband)

                    m. Bernard "Barney" Carter (Kathleen's second husband, no children)

                        4 Louisa May O'Neill

                        4 Cynthia O'Neill

                            m. John O'Neill (her second cousin)

                                5 Robert O'Neill II (see above for his descendants)

                3 Carolina O'Neill

                    m. Judge Herbert Smith

                        4 Jane Smith

                            m. Tom Hampton

                                5 Mark Hampton

                                    m. Eliza Graham

                                5 Tom Hampton

                                    m. Margaret "Mags" Lawson


The Traugott, Stonegate, and Shelley Families

1 Unknown Traugott

    m. wife

        2 Marie Traugott

            m. Roderick Shepard

                3 Ben Shepard

        2 Mr. Traugott

            m. wife

                3 Adele Traugott

                3 Barbara Traugott

                    m. Samuel Stonegate (brother of Annabella Stonegate)

                        4 Three Stonegate Sons

                        4 Ruth Stonegate

                            m. Mr. Bramble

                                5 Sarah Bramble

                                    m. Earl Adams

                                        6 Daughter

                                            m. Mr. Shelley

                                                7 Sybil Shelley


The Mitchell and Hopewell/Toivonen Families

1 Unknown Female Hopewell

    m. Mr. Mitchell

        2 Roger Mitchell

        2 Mary Mitchell

        2 Florence Mitchell

1 Roger Hopewell

    m. Elizabeth

        2 Caroline Hopewell

            m. Heiki Toivonen

                3 Jessie Hopewell

                    m. Eugene Goldsworthy

                3 Lyla Hopewell