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The Queen City - Book Two of the Marquette Trilogy

During the first half of the twentieth century, Marquette grows into the Queen City of the North. Here is the tale of a small town undergoing change as its horses are replaced by streetcars and automobiles, and its pioneers are replaced by new generations who prosper despite two World Wars and the Great Depression.

Margaret Dalrymple finds her Scottish prince, though he is neither Scottish nor a prince. Molly Bergmann becomes an inspiration to her grandchildren. Jacob Whitman’s children engage in a family feud.

The Queen City’s residents marry, divorce, have children, die, break their hearts, go to war, gossip,  blackmail, raise families, move away, and then return to Marquette. And always, always they are in love with the haunting land that is their home.

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6x9 size, paperback, 479 pages, ISBN 9780979179013

“Tichelaar has a knack for creating characters that the reader connects with. You know you've just finished reading a good book when you have to stop and remind yourself that these aren't people who will be coming over for dinner later, or whom you'll bump into at the grocery store; but rather characters in a story. They're that real.”
- Book.of.the.Moment

"Tyler Tichelaar is an amazing writer. This is the second book I have read by him and I can't get enough. The descriptive language draws you...The writing has a quality that isn't often seen today and is reminiscent of the literature greats in the canon. I can't wait to see his name on the best seller list." - Laura Johnson, Review the Book


The Queen City - Book Two of the Marquette Trilogy

The Queen City
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