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Iron Pioneers - Book One of the Marquette Trilogy

Ten Year Anniversary Edition

When iron ore is discovered in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the 1840s, entrepreneur Gerald Henning and his beautiful socialite wife Clara travel from Boston to the little village of Marquette on the shores of Lake Superior. They and their companions, Irish and German immigrants, French Canadians, and fellow New Englanders dream of a great metropolis at the center of the iron ore industry.  Despite blizzards and near starvation, devastating fires and financial hardships, these iron pioneers persevere until their wilderness village first becomes integral to the Union cause in the Civil War and then a prosperous modern city. 

Meticulously researched, warmly written, and spanning half a century, Iron Pioneers is a testament to the spirit that forged America.

Prologue to Iron Pioneers read by Tyler (13.7 MB - MP3 file)

Read the First Chapter: Iron Pioneers

6x9 size, paperback, 476 pages, 9780979179006.

“If you’re the sort of person who likes a nice long novel with lots of things going on, this is the book for you. This would be a good book for you to take on your vacation.”
- Andrew Grgurich, The Mining Journal

“If you are from the UP, ever visited the UP, or have always wondered where the heck the UP is -- grab this book, curl up somewhere comfy, and ENJOY!!"
- Gretchen Green, Marquette, MI

Cover Photo (courtesy Jack Deo, Superior View)
Marquette Harbor with Civil War Cannon circa 1870

Read the review from Reader Views:
Review by Mary Simmons for ReaderViews, May 2007


Iron Pioneers - Book One of the Marquette Trilogy

Iron Pioneers
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The Marquette Trilogy Book One
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