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Marquette Fun and Facts

Tyler R. Tichelaar loves Marquette, its history and its people, and he loves to create fictional stories set within that historical setting. As a result, his readers often wonder What is Fact and What is Fiction?

The easy answer is that each of his novels includes a list of the fictional characters and a list of the historical people mentioned in the novels. All the settings and all the major events, from the founding of Marquette, to the fire of 1868 that destroyed the town, to the 1949 Centennial and 1999 Sesquicentennial Celebrations are real. Still, Tyler is amused when readers ask him which house the Hennings lived in since they are fictional, although he admits he envisioned them living in the Merritt House at 410 E. Ridge St.

On the following pages, Tyler sheds light on historical events with the Marquette Timeline, unravels the connections of his characters - they are all related to each other in some way through blood and marriage, no matter when they lived or what book they are in - in a collection of family trees, and he offers some insight into the creation and development of his fictional version of the real Marquette.

Enjoy exploring, discovering the history of Marquette, and imagining what it was like back then!


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