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The Only Thing That Lasts

The Only Thing That Lasts is written as the autobiography of Robert O'Neill, the famous novelist first introduced in The Marquette Trilogy. As a young boy during World War I, Robert is forced to leave his South Carolina home to live in Marquette with his grandmother and aunt. He finds there a cold climate, but many warmhearted friends as he matures into adulthood and becomes a famous writer. The Only Thing That Lasts is a joyful, lighthearted, yet meaningful story of home and hearth.

Mr. Tichelaar says of this work, "The Only Thing That Lasts is the first novel I ever wrote. I wanted to write an old-fashioned novel in the style of Louisa May Alcott or L. Frank Baum's Aunt Jane's Nieces, or even Marquette's own Carroll Watson Rankin, whose Dandelion Cottage first made Marquette the setting for a novel."

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The Only Thing That Lasts.

6x9 size. 267 pages, 9780979179044.

Cover Photo (courtesy Jack Deo, Superior View)
Presque Isle Park, Marquette, MI

"The story is captivating and at the last page, I was left wanting much more. Tichelaar's writing is rich, descriptive, and he has a way of spinning a story that few can compete with." - Laura Johnson, Review the Book

The Only Thing That Lasts

The Only Thing That Lasts
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This book stands separate from The Marquette Trilogy, but contains several familiar characters.

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