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Narrow Lives

Reader Views - First Place Historical Fiction - 2009The story of Lysander Blackmore, the sinister banker in The Queen City.  Focusing on minor characters from Mr. Tichelaar’s Marquette Trilogy, these characters speak in their own voices, giving them greater personal depth and providing multiple perspectives. 

The novel explores the influence one person has, even in death, upon others, and it explores the prisons of grief, loneliness, and fear self-created by people when they doubt their own worthiness.

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Cover Photo (courtesy Jack Deo, Superior View)
Front Street, Marquette, MI circa 1910

6x9 size, paperback, 191 pages, ISBN 9780979179037.

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Review by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views (4/08)

Narrow Lives by the author of the Marquette Trilogy

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The story of Lysander Blackmore and those who knew him well. This book stands separate from The Marquette Trilogy, but contains several familiar characters. Price includes book & shipping Media rate. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Michigan residents will be charged an additional 6% sales tax.
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